Include Ozarks provides resources, support, and education to families of children with special needs and their communities.

WEB-BASED RESOURCE PORTAL giving access to developmental milestone charts, providing flowcharts to guide to educational- and medical-based services in our communities, and listing local resources for services and recreational activities benefiting children with special needs.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES for preschoolers including inclusive environments and therapeutic options

SENSORY-SAFE EVENTS to offer families of children with special needs an opportunity to celebrate and make memories together. 


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Parent Resource Portal

IncludeOzarks features many partners across several different type of areas. Click below to see the services offered in each area.

Featured Services



We are excited to offer monthly workshops targeting specific topics of interest to families of children with special needs! 
These workshops will give parents and caregivers a place to learn, grow and advocate for their children or loved ones.

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