Our primary goal is to assist parents in their effort to effectively advocate for their children’s educational rights and services.  MPACT staff and volunteers are located throughout Missouri and work with public and private agencies, parent groups, professional organizations and advocacy groups to achieve that goal. MPACT is committed to excellence as we provide FREE services and assistance to parents, families, and youth. Parents of children with disabilities face challenges every day that other parents don’t have. It is often difficult to navigate the maze of special services and create a plan that will help children achieve successful outcomes through education. But how do we reach these goals?  How do we know what choices to make for and with our children? MPACT’s staff, of which consists primarily of parent  or family members of children with disabilities, can help to answer some of your questions. In January 2015, MPACT was one of only seven states to be awarded a Rehabilitation Services Association grant. The grant supports our STELLAR Project which provides transition information and resources to young adults and families